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Monthly Awards Series, Roster Update and Wave of New Breakout Players Arrive in DD

Seven new Flashbacks make their Diamond Dynasty debut in the new Monthly Awards Series. The best of the bunch, Eric Thames, can only be acquired by completing his Player Epic Mission chain. First, collect all Monthly Award Series player items, and then play with the four hitters to match Thames’ April statistics. Once completed, you receive the Monthly Awards Flashback Eric Thames.

Eric Thames - Player Epic Mission Reward

Five of the Monthly Awards Series player items can be found in the Bases Loaded Pack:

There are a limited number of Bases Loaded packs available (10,000), which means it can sell out, and the pack is limited to one per person.

Each Bases Loaded pack guarantees one of the five Monthly Awards Flashbacks listed above along with 3 other player cards. The cost of the Bases Loaded pack is 20,000 Stubs and the player items can be sold on the Community Market.

The sixth Monthly Awards Flashback, Mitch Haniger, 85 OVR RF, can only be acquired through the Ticket Counter. Once you reach Silver XP Level 50, you can spend 1,400 Tickets to acquire his player item. Haniger will be available in the Ticket Counter through the end of May.


The latest Roster Update is now live and features a big upgrade for a second baseman. Watch the video for the biggest movers, and you can discuss the full roster update here




In addition to the Monthly Awards Series players, new Breakout Series Flashbacks and Legends have been added across Diamond Dynasty. Here’s where to find them:

Ticket Counter

  • Breakout Flashback Alex Gordon, 94 OVR LF
  • Breakout Legend Orel Hershiser, 93 OVR SP
  • Breakout Flashback Kris Medlen, 92 OVR SP
  • Breakout Flashback Phil Hughes, 87 OVR SP
  • Breakout Legend Dennis Eckersley, 86 OVR SP
  • Breakout Legend Dale Murphy, 83 OVR 1B

Battle Royale

12-Win Rewards

9-Win Reward

6-Win Reward

Post-Game Rewards & Packs (Standard, Program, Conquest and other packs)

Q: How were the Monthly Awards Series players chosen and what about future ones?
A: We focused on the players who performed at a surprisingly high level in April. From there, we looked at their Live Series attributes and picked a few interesting names. We know Bryce Harper and Chris Sale played great, but that’s expected. The Monthly Awards Series will continue to focus on different players each month who exceed expectations and give us a reason to celebrate their month-long dominance.

Q: When your Created Player has 99-rated attributes in Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty, does the equipment continue to add attribute boosts?
A: Yes, it does. You can continue to increase your created player’s attributes beyond the 99 attribute that displays.

Q: Are you still planning on giving us free content for the recent server issues? 
A: Yes. We still have plans to deploy free in-game content in acknowledgement for the launch server issues. 

Q: I purchased the May 5th Bases Loaded Pack and when I tried to open I saw an error message. Did I lose my pack?
A: If you purchased the pack and it disappeared, check your inventory- your Monthly Awards Flashback item should be there.