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Breakout Program Added, Set 3 Arrives, and Monthly Awards to Debut Friday

New, exclusive cards are featured in Set 3 of Standard Packs, which are available in the Show Shop and can be purchased in 10, 20 and 50-pack bundles.

Set 3 includes a chance to find player items including:

This is the only place these cards will appear all season, and both cards can be sold in the Community Market.

The new Doug Drabek Breakout Program is now available. The final reward for completing the six-Mission Program is an 86 OVR Breakout version of the starting pitcher. Look under the Collect menu to find the Programs.

The Missions are based around Drabek’s breakout 1988 season when he won 15 games for the Pittsburgh Pirates. You will need Breakout Series pitchers and some Pirates to finish the new Missions tied to his Program.

The Show 17 is about to introduce the newest series of Flashbacks featuring our Monthly Awards players! Coming this Friday, seven new Flashbacks who performed at a high level in April will make their debut. 

The best of the bunch, Eric Thames, will be given his own Player Epic Mission. We can tell you the first stage of the Mission is to collect the other six April Monthly Awards Flashback players, and one of them will appear in the Ticket Counter (save those tickets!).

This Friday’s Bases Loaded pack will guarantee one of the remaining five Monthly Awards series players needed in the Thames Player Epic, and they are all Gold or better items. It’s important to know the packs are limited to one per person AND there is a limit to the total number of packs. That means it can sell out once they go on sale Friday at noon PT