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New Diamond Player Debuts in Roster Update, Bases Loaded Pack, and Dev Mailbag

The Bases Loaded Pack has reloaded in the Show Shop with the April 28 pack. Each pack contains 3 player items and 1 equipment item along with:

  • SINGLE guaranteed Griffey equipment item needed in the Ken Griffey Jr. Collection
  • DOUBLE the chance of a Gold player item
  • TRIPLE the chance of a Diamond player item

Cost: 2,000 stubs

Limit: 5 packs per person

Expires: Friday, May 5 at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT

Roster Update

In this week’s Roster Update, there were nearly 50 players who received attribute updates. You may not realize it, but a lot of research goes into the update. In the Q&A below, the Live Content Team at Sony San Diego Studio answers some frequently asked questions and shares insights about the roster update process.

Q: For this Roster Update, how did you take into account the statistics from the first month of the MLB season?

A: It’s more than a one-month sample size that we look at for the roster update. We are actually taking into account how the players finished 2016, and if they continued trending in a similar direction early in 2017. Let’s look at Freddie Freeman’s statistics. Freeman has been performing at an elite, MVP-level since the 2016 season, and he’s kicked off 2017 with a bang. That’s why you see the big upgrade from Gold to Diamond this week.

Q: How quickly will you downgrade star players who are not performing well?

A: We are pretty conservative with downgrades when starting a season, but these will increase as more statistics pile up throughout the year. Pay attention to players who continue downward trends dating back to 2016.

You can discuss the full roster update here.

Q: How do you use the 2016 and 2017 statistics for Roster Updates?

A: The 2016 and 2017 statistics are the foundation of our overall ratings and attributes. We supplement these with additional data if we need to see more. We may look at minor league statistics or previous seasons in a player’s career if a player has been out for a while. Kansas City Royals pitcher Jason Vargas missed most of 2015 and 2016, so we had to look back at his last full season in 2014 to accurately rate his player attributes.

Q: What about prospects? Will it take a long time to upgrade them?

A: If a player has the pedigree, then we will be quicker to upgrade him based on his performance. We look at scouting reports from various sources, minor league stats and his current MLB game box scores.

Q: What kind of metrics do you review when upgrading pitchers?

A: It boils down to the pitcher’s per-9 categories (K/9, H/9, BB/9, HR/9), and the “luck statistics” such as BABIP (batting average of balls in play) and HR/FB (home runs per fly ball). Did we mention we love baseball statistics?

If the underlying metrics support a pitcher’s fast start to the season, we are quick to upgrade him. For instance, we upgraded James Paxton, Seattle Mariners pitcher, because he had dominant per-9 categories in 2016 and he has started off 2017 even stronger.

When it comes to Dallas Keuchel, Houston Astros pitcher, his sabermetrics paint a picture of a pitcher who cannot sustain his current pace in part because he’s leaving runners on base 100 percent of the time. Last season, he only stranded 68.4 percent of runners he allowed to reach base. Regardless, we are still impressed with his hot start and we will be monitoring his next few games closely.

UPDATE: Player Spotlight Mission

As we received your feedback about this hidden Player Spotlight Mission for Ken Griffey Jr.’s All-Star player item, it became clear that we needed to make a change. Our goal is to create Missions that reward you for rising to the challenge, but it’s hard to do that when the Mission can reset your progress without much warning.

Since there was nothing counting down how many games you had left on the Mission, we removed the 30-game deadline. Now, you can complete this Mission at your own pace once you discover it. This should not impact your current progress if you have already started or completed the Mission.

We appreciate the suggestions about how we can improve The Show 17, and we will continue to listen to your feedback throughout the season.