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New Program Unveiled, Ticket Counter Expanded, and Bases Load Pack added

The Bases Loaded Pack has reloaded in the Show Shop with the April 14 pack.

Each pack contains 3 player items and 1 stadium item along with:

  • DOUBLE the chance of Legends and Flashbacks
  • DOUBLE the chance of a Diamond player
  • TRIPLE the chance of a Diamond Classic Stadium

Cost: 3,500 stubs

Limit: 4 packs per person

Expires: Friday, April 21st at 3 p.m. ET / 12 p.m. PT

The new Chipper Jones Rookie Program is now available. The final reward for completing the six-Mission Program is an 84 OVR Rookie version of the switch-hitting third baseman. Look under the Collect menu to find the Programs.

To see the six Missions required in the Program, press R1 or L1 from the Program reward screen and press X on any of the descriptions to go straight into the Mission category.

The Missions are based around Jones’ rookie season, so it should be no surprise we require you to collect Rookie Series players and to tally stats with Rookie Series hitters.

The Ticket Counter expanded with the addition of a Level 50 Bronze slot that includes three new player items:

  • Hardware Legend Orlando Cepeda 86 OVR 1B – 800 tickets
  • Rookie Legend Juan Marichal 85 OVR SP – 700 tickets
  • Breakout Flashback Corey Dickerson 84 OVR LF – 600 tickets

Those player items will rotate through the Level 50 Bronze slot randomly when the timer runs out. Look out for more players and possibly more slots to be added to the Ticket Counter in the near future.


Q: When will the Roster Updates start changing player attributes?

A: The first Roster Update is now scheduled for Friday, April 21st (subject to change), and it will likely focus on transactions and lineup changes. Keep an eye on the players doing well in the early part of the MLB season for potential attribute upgrade candidates in future roster updates. In the meantime, Inside Edge will continue to change player attributes daily based on player matchups.


Q: How do Game Deadlines work in Missions and when does it reset stats?

A: We’ve heard this question a lot lately regarding a certain 30-game deadline Mission. Please remember for any game deadline Missions, they are tracking ANY Diamond Dynasty games you play – not just games played with a particular player item or in a particular mode of Diamond Dynasty.

For example, let’s say you have a 30-game deadline Mission asking you to hit home runs and drive in RBI with a particular player in Conquest games, and then you play 10 games of Battle Royale without that player. Any Battle Royale games you play actually eat into your 30-game deadline. That means you only have 20 games to finish the Mission before the stats reset on this Mission. Our advice, focus on that Mission before playing other modes to prevent an unexpected reset of your hard-earned stats.