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Set 2 of Standard Packs

New, exclusive cards are featured in Set 2 of Standard Packs, which are available in the Show Shop and can be purchased in 10, 20 and 50-pack bundles.

Set 2 includes a chance to find player items including:

  • Hardware Flashback Kris Bryant, 3B (88 OVR)
  • Rookie Flashback Noah Syndergaard, SP (87 OVR)

This is the only place these cards will appear all season, and both cards can be sold in the Community Market.

Future Sets

Throughout The Show 17, we will feature “Set Headliners” in each new Standard Pack set, and those players are exclusive to their Standard Pack sets.

Set 1 featured Rookie Legend Roberto Alomar and Rookie Flashback David Wright. Even though Set 1 has left the Show Shop, it could make a brief return later in the year or reappear as a Mission reward.