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Daily Missions are Waiting for You

Every time you log into MLB The Show 17, a familiar screen will greet you with the latest live content updates. Your Daily Missions appear on the top right of this screen, and are worth checking every day.

At launch, more than 200 Daily Missions are possible and more will be added throughout the season with new rewards.

How to find Daily Missions

  • Enter Diamond Dynasty mode
  • Click on the Collect menu tab
  • Enter the Missions menu
  • Select Diamond Dynasty
  • Click on the Daily Mission category to take a closer look at your available Missions
  • Max of Three Daily Missions

    The most Daily Missions you will ever see on the screen at once is three. That means you can make simultaneous progress toward all three.

    Daily Timer

    Are these missions timed? No, these Missions never expire. If you complete one, you would be left with two Missions and that timer is counting down to when a new Daily Mission will appear. If your timer is not counting down, that means you actually have a hidden fourth mission waiting to slide in. Complete one of the three visible Missions and you will see that Mission reveal itself and the Daily Timer will begin counting down again.

    How to Complete Daily Missions

    In this example of Daily Missions, we have three waiting for us, including the Flashback Doubles Mission.


    To complete this Mission, you would need to acquire Flashback player items and add them into your starting lineup. Then, go into the Play VS CPU mode in the Single Player mode, and hit two doubles with Flashback players. You can load your entire lineup with Flashback hitters by purchasing them on the Community Market, finding Flashbacks in Packs or by completing other Missions.

    Hidden Player Epics

    To keep things interesting, MLB The Show 17 is full of hidden Missions, and the Daily Mission category is no exception. In the same example, we see the first part of a Player Epic for Ubaldo Jimenez. If you complete the Mission by tallying innings with Colorado Rockies players in Conquest games, you will discover Part II in the Player Epics Mission category. From there, you can take on the next phase of the Mission on your way to this Flashback item.


    Daily Missions have a unique feature called Re-Roll. If you highlight one of your Daily Missions and press X, this screen will appear and give you the ability to discard that Mission and receive a different one. You can Re-Roll a Daily Mission once per day, or 24 hours since your last Re-Roll.