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Forum Terms of Use


Welcome to the forums here at The Show Nation. We know you’re super eager to get in there and start talking about The Show, but first we would like to ask that you familiarize yourself with the general Do’s and Don’ts before you get started.

Please do:

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • Post content in the correct area.
  • Report or flag any inappropriate things you may find here.
  • Keep criticism/feedback thorough and constructive.
  • Keep discussion focused on the The Show.

Please do not:

  • Be rude or insult others. 
  • Use racial slurs or other offensive language in your posts.
  • Discuss or engage in cheating or illegal activities.
  • Post PSN IDs or any other information of players you suspect to be cheating.
  • Violate someone’s privacy.
  • Personally attack or harass someone, including threats of violence, even as a joke.
  • Post any content relating to political, racial, sexual, or religious discussion.
  • Spam or advertise.
  • Bump threads. (+1, Bump, 10char.)
  • Abuse the flagging and thumbs up/thumbs down features.
  • Circumvent your ban or suspension.
  • Engage with offensive or toxic users/posts.

Specific content rules:

  • Posts that advertise real-world money exchange, accounts, PSN voucher codes, or Stub rewards through leagues, tournaments, App codes, giveaways, or other services will be deleted and the user posting may be subjected to permanent suspension from The Show Nation and in game.
  • Baiting developer responses in topics through hostility or shaming is generally frowned upon and may be subject to deletion.
  • If you find another user being offensive or toxic, we ask that you simply flag their posts and move along.

Note: Your universal profile must be at least level 3 before you are able to create topics or reply to existing topics. 

We will not hesitate to flag, edit, censor, or even ban you from this website (and the game) if we feel it necessary - so consider this a forewarning. Just try to follow the points above and we shouldn't have a problem.