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Forum Terms of Use

Welcome to the forums here at The Show Nation. We know you’re super eager to get in there and start talking about The Show, but we think it’s a good idea you familiarize yourself just a few dos and don’ts before you get started.

Please do:

  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  • Post content in the correct area.
  • Report or flag any inappropriate things you may find here.
  • Keep feedback thorough and constructive.
  • Keep discussion focused on the The Show.

Please do not:

  • Be rude or insult others.
  • Use racial slurs or other offensive language in your posts.
  • Discuss or engage in cheating or illegal activities.
  • Violate someone’s privacy.
  • Personally attack or harass someone.
  • Spam or advertise.
We will not hesitate to flag, edit, censor, or even ban you from this website (and the game) if we feel it’s necessary - so consider this a forewarning. Just try to follow the points above and we shouldn'’t have a problem.