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Bug Report ID# 17686

Bug Report ID# 17686
ID 17686
Subject MLB 16
Created Mar 20, 2017 3:20 pm PDT
Created By Kerifralic
Bug Type Hub
Platform PS3
Status Open
Game Mode Exhibition
Severity Major
Frequency 10 / 10 (Attempts / Occurrences)
Votes -1 ( 0 Up, 1 Down)

When playing MLB 16 after downloading from the playstore it worked fine. It then made me do the update 1.05. Once installed it then says file corrupted delete and reinall. I tried this 2 more times both worked after it was downloaded, but once I did the update it was corrupted.

Steps to Reproduce

Downloaded the game and do the update.

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Comment posted Mar 24, 2017 8:51 pm PDT by hinerron

I've collected all of the Astros. It says I have 40 of 39 cards, yet there are only 39 slots! This glitch is making it so I can't complete the set to get Nolan Ryan. I tried selling off one card to get "39" but that didn't help. It looks like you might have removed Ashur Tolliver during one of the updates since he was traded. Maybe I had collected him to complete the 25 and then they removed him and hence the glitch?