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Bug Report ID# 17680

Bug Report ID# 17680
ID 17680
Subject Franchise Mode All-Star Game
Created Mar 17, 2017 12:53 pm PDT
Created By X9591
Bug Type Other
Platform PS4
Status Open
Game Mode Franchise
Severity Major
Frequency 10 / 10 (Attempts / Occurrences)
Votes -1 ( 0 Up, 1 Down)

7 of the players in my lineup are leading vote-getters in the All Star Game voting. When I go to play the All Star Game, only 3 of them are even included on the roster. To counter this, I took the step of sending all players on other teams at those positions at the major league level down to the Triple A level, and all that happened as a result was that no players were selected for those positions.

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