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ID Subject Bug Type Platform Status Votes Dev Comments
15506 Pickoffs In Game PS4 Open 3
15490 Freezing during Community Challenges Frontend PS3 Open 2 Baseball-sm
15500 Diamond Dynasty Frontend PS4 Open 2
15526 Pickoff attempts Gameplay PS4 Open 2
15538 Diamond Dynasty Baserunning Gameplay PS4 Open 2
15510 Was a starting pitcher in MLB then moved to bullpen. Losing attributes and only getting put in for like 8 innings a month In Game PS3 Open 1
15516 Safeco Field Batters Eye Gameplay PS4 Open 1
15520 Redem stubs...?! Frontend PS4 Open 1
15522 Stubs dissapeared, Again... Frontend PS4 Open 1
15528 game update issue Frontend PS4 Open 1
15498 MLB the show 2014 online Frontend PS4 Open 0
15504 Redeeming STUD points In Game Vita In Progress 0 Baseball-sm
15508 Poor Jumps (Stealing) In Game PS4 Open 0
15512 stubs not applied to my account Frontend PS4 Open 0
15518 Baserunning issue In Game PS3 Open 0
15524 Miguel Cabrera Trophy Glitch Gameplay PS4 Open 0
15534 Main menu video play Frontend PS3 Open 0
15536 pablo-obba In Game PS3 Open 0
15530 Money!!!! In Game PS4 Open -1

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