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14975 Catcher not tagging runner on plays at the plate Gameplay PS4 Open 24
14791 Offline Franchise Autosave Freeze Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 20
14919 Wrigley Field In Game PS4 Open 12
15019 Player Lock - Unable to dive or jump while fielding Gameplay PS4 Open 4 Baseball-sm
14853 Diamond Dynasty win counted as loss with minus rating. Shows I won in box score but I have a loss. Video Proof. Gameplay PS4 Open 3
15413 Pitcher Stamina in Playoffs Frontend PS4 Open 3
14785 Online freeze when time is called In Game PS4 Open 3
14813 Pitchers not getting injured Gameplay PS4 Open 3
14855 When you get a walk-off hit on full bases, the hit is recorded as a fielder's choice. Text PS4 Open 2
15177 Diamond dynasty Gameplay PS4 Open 2
15221 Walk Off Hit Bug In Game PS4 Open 2
15223 Deep foul ball to left field in Us Cellular Field counts as home run Gameplay PS4 Open 2
15015 Game laggying players not advancing after hit Frontend PS4 Open 2
15291 Freezing after franchise game Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 2
15061 Injuries In Game PS4 Open 2
15339 Freeze During Mid-Season Draft Freeze/Lock Vita Open 2 Baseball-sm
15365 DD Custom Player Customization In Game PS3 Open 1
14865 Throwing from right field on a sacrifice fly or an advancing runner In Game PS4 Open 1
15125 Rounding first base In Game PS4 Open 1
15385 Diamond Dynasty freeze when pausing resulting in forfeit Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 1
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