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10039 General Gameplay: Check Swing Strikeout w/ only 2 Strikes Gameplay PS4 In Progress 258 Baseball-sm
10893 General: Daily log in stamps are NOT appearing Frontend PS4 Open 203 Baseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-sm
10289 Online Freeze after HBP, walk or INT walk In Game PS4 In Progress 176 Baseball-sm
11517 General "Server Error" when entering and exiting through online menus Frontend PS4 In Progress 122 Baseball-sm
10261 Franchise Mode: Edit players is inconstant and unable to edit physical attributes Frontend PS4 In Progress 85 Baseball-sm
10795 Online Franchise: League not creating and unable to access rosters Frontend PS4 In Progress 65 Baseball-sm
10287 General: Homerun error, run not counting with runner on first Gameplay PS4 In Progress 63 Baseball-sm
11153 Franchise mode weather - always "clear skies" In Game PS4 Open 58
10081 Logging into MLB 15: Did not receive MLB 14 to 15 Gold loyalty Frontend PS4 Open 53 Baseball-sm
10083 PA Announcer calls wrong team when bringing pitcher in from bullpen Audio PS4 In Progress 51 Baseball-sm
10381 VITA: Pitch information/history In Game Vita Open 44
10145 Baserunner will jog to next base momentarily, if you swing at a low pitch. Only happens when swinging at low balls. Gameplay PS4 Open 39
12829 FAST PLAY is ruining the online franchise to many cut scenes taken out making there be no injuries or pinch hit or pinch runners overlays being shown. In Game PS4 Open 36
12747 David Robertson has wrong profile picture still showing him in a Yankees cap when he is on Whitesox. Graphics PS4 Open 35
12749 MLB 15 Online Franchise INJURIES are not working. Gameplay PS4 Open 35 Baseball-sm
11011 Pick offs - CPU Logic In Game PS4 Open 31
11919 Diamond Dynasty Extra Innings Games queued for processing In Game PS4 Open 29
10399 General: Camera does not follow certian foul balls Gameplay PS4 Open 28
11515 Diamond Dynasty: Losing team credited with DD points Frontend PS4 Open 27
10385 Swing Feedback and pitch velocity Graphics PS4 Open 25
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