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15535 Bunt or Foul Ball Robbed by the Ball Boy Turns into an INSIDE THE PARK HOME RUN! Frontend PS4 In Progress 23 Baseball-sm
16787 New Online Freeze Glitch In Game PS4 In Progress 17 Baseball-sm
16989 First baseman not covering first (VIDEO) In Game PS4 Open 4
16779 2 Strike Foulbunt and didn't get called out In Game PS4 Open 3
17171 STUBS ARE GONE In Game PS3 Open 1
17175 How about Gameplay PS4 Open 1 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
17017 Scoring Issue: Leads to incorrect stats Frontend PS4 Open 1
17159 Incorrect wins and loses in online franchise mode In Game PS4 Open 0
17163 cheaters Frontend PS3 Open 0
17165 IN RTTS can play game but can't exit post game screen In Game PS3 Open 0
17169 Cannot complete a DD game Gameplay PS3 Open 0
16971 Player card values don't match attributes In Game PS3 In Progress 0 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
16513 Clayton Kershaw has 4000 career hits Gameplay PS4 Open 0
17045 Stubs/training points In Game PS4 Open 0
17049 Players released team then quit league. How do I fix? Frontend PS4 Open 0
17059 Walk Off No Doubt Home run Turns Into An Out? In Game PS4 Open 0 Baseball-sm
17077 Game freezing/server errors/ cant connect to the show nation Frontend PS3 Open 0
17085 Franchise MLB Service jumps to 6+ years Frontend PS4 Open 0
17095 DD freezes mid game while leading and given a loss in the end Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 0
17117 Missing player In Game PS4 Open 0
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