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  • Baseball-fire-sm represents 5 dev comments.
ID Subject Bug Type Platform Status Votes Dev Comments
10261 List Of General Online Gameplay Issues In Game PS3 In Progress 138 Baseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-sm
10097 List Of General Online FREEZES During Gameplay Freeze/Lock PS3 In Progress 136 Baseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-sm
10746 List Of General Online Box Score and Game log issues In Game PS3 In Progress 50 Baseball-sm
10025 MLB 14 Digital Download Error 80029564 Frontend PS3 In Progress 40 Baseball-fire-sm
10153 VITA MLB 14 Game Freeze - RTTS and Exhibition Gameplay Vita In Progress 37 Baseball-fire-sm
10115 Cannot manually steal or lead-off with Auto-baserunning Gameplay PS3 In Progress 27 Baseball-sm
10018 Hit by pitch freeze In Game PS3 In Progress 25 Baseball-sm
10235 Too many strikes in manager mode In Game PS3 In Progress 22 Baseball-sm
10141 Large increases to budgets each year In Game PS3 In Progress 21 Baseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-sm
10031 Wrong Mugshot for RP Carlos Martinez (STL) Frontend PS3 In Progress 16 Baseball-sm
10004 Spent 30,000 stubs on 200,000,000 DD budget, but budget never appeared and stubs are lost Frontend PS3 In Progress 13 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
10920 General Check Swings Gameplay PS3 Open 12
10758 "Players Met" is not displaying User ID in the XMB menu Frontend PS3 In Progress 10 Baseball-sm
10008 Show Live - Starting Pitcher Listed in Bullpen as CP In Game PS3 In Progress 9 Baseball-sm
11040 Diamond Dynasty Roster Error - Can't enter game with vaild roster Frontend PS3 Open 9 Baseball-sm
10377 Sounds of the Show Audio PS3 In Progress 9 Baseball-sm
10936 PS3 Freezes when selecting "My Bids" from the menu Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 9
10295 VITA - Major Framerate drops in game Digital Download Verison Graphics Vita Open 8
10385 Heavy Metal Guitar rifs after every Home team defensive out Audio PS3 Open 7 Baseball-sm
10780 Fielding Animation Lag - Slow response throwing to base Gameplay PS3 Open 6

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