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  • Baseball-fire-sm represents 5 dev comments.
ID Subject Bug Type Platform Status Votes Dev Comments
10261 List Of General Online Gameplay Issues In Game PS3 In Progress 146 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
10097 List Of General Online FREEZES During Gameplay Freeze/Lock PS3 In Progress 142 Baseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-sm
10746 List Of General Online Box Score and Game log issues In Game PS3 In Progress 58 Baseball-sm
10025 MLB 14 Digital Download Error 80029564 Frontend PS3 In Progress 42 Baseball-fire-sm
10153 VITA MLB 14 Game Freeze - RTTS and Exhibition Gameplay Vita In Progress 42 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
10115 Cannot manually steal or lead-off with Auto-baserunning Gameplay PS3 In Progress 31 Baseball-sm
10018 Hit by pitch freeze In Game PS3 In Progress 30 Baseball-sm
10658 Player edits Graphics PS3 Open 27
10235 Too many strikes in manager mode In Game PS3 In Progress 26 Baseball-sm
11008 "MLB 14 (PS3) Top 10 Things I found to be missing, wrong or have glitched with the game also known as BUGS" Frontend PS3 Open 24
10141 Large increases to budgets each year In Game PS3 In Progress 22 Baseball-smBaseball-smBaseball-sm
10031 Wrong Mugshot for RP Carlos Martinez (STL) Frontend PS3 In Progress 18 Baseball-sm
10920 General Check Swings Gameplay PS3 Open 18
10798 Sliding into 1B when trying to break up a double play at 2B Gameplay PS3 Open 16
10004 Spent 30,000 stubs on 200,000,000 DD budget, but budget never appeared and stubs are lost Frontend PS3 In Progress 13 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
10758 "Players Met" is not displaying User ID in the XMB menu Frontend PS3 In Progress 11 Baseball-sm
10008 Show Live - Starting Pitcher Listed in Bullpen as CP In Game PS3 In Progress 11 Baseball-sm
10043 3-2 count....2 outs...base runners not going on pitch In Game PS3 Open 11
10594 GAME LOAD FREEZE. UNPLAYABLE!!! Frontend PS3 Open 11
11040 Diamond Dynasty Roster Error - Can't enter game with vaild roster Frontend PS3 Open 10 Baseball-sm

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