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ID Subject Bug Type Platform Status Votes Dev Comments
14344 PS4 - Online Franchise Cap Issues Gameplay PS4 Open 14
14270 PS4 & PS3 Diamond Dynasty Extra innings games are going to the query. Stats are record, but no budget Frontend PS4 Open 11
14210 PS4 - Blue Screen Error Code Online Frontend PS4 Open 8
14202 PS4 & PS3 Online - Gameplay will hang during check swing appeals In Game PS4 In Progress 4
14282 PS4 & PS3 Diamond Dynasty Extra Innings - Teams with Invaild Rosters Gameplay PS3 Open 4
14312 Online Gameplay Gameplay PS4 Open 4
14322 Double Switch not working properly In Game PS4 Open 2
14324 Online Franchise Position Player Fatigue not working In Game PS4 Open 2
14360 Two Inning Saves In Game PS4 Open 1
14362 Franchise Budget Increase Bug STILL on PS3 Frontend PS3 Open 1
14366 online freezing...STILL Freeze/Lock PS4 Open 1
14368 Blue screen 83 games into season mode Freeze/Lock PS4 Open 1
14376 Online game freezes during a balk In Game PS3 Open 1
14222 PS4 can't access stubs or any online modes Frontend PS4 In Progress 1 Baseball-sm
14238 Completing a DD collection online does not unlock that achievement Text Web In Progress 1 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
14264 rtts stats wont load to the leaderboard In Game PS4 Open 1
14268 Offline Franchise Freeze Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 1
14280 Glitchy Pitches Gameplay PS3 Open 1
14296 Added Players with Stats Missing (Updated) Text PS3 Open 1 Baseball-sm
14298 Andrelton Simmons face still wrong on ps4 Graphics PS4 Open 1

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