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  • Baseball-fire-sm represents 5 dev comments.
ID Subject Bug Type Platform Status Votes Dev Comments
15440 Diamond Dynasty Game Freezes vs CPU and Extra Innings on pick pitcher screen Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 2 Baseball-sm
15442 Just lost 21 Rating Points because of Error Code CE-34878-0 (Blue Screen Crash) Gameplay PS4 Open 2 Baseball-sm
15448 Online rated points In Game PS4 Open 2
15444 Uniforms In Game PS4 Open 1
15446 Network Error/Server Error when attempting to access any Online Feature Frontend PS4 Open 1
15432 RTTS Freeze Gameplay PS3 Open 0
15436 Diamond Dynasty In Game PS4 Open 0
15438 Road To The Show Freeze/Lock PS4 Open 0

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