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15489 PS3 - Franchise Post game autosave freeze Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 35
15535 Bunt or Foul Ball Robbed by the Ball Boy Turns into an INSIDE THE PARK HOME RUN! In Game PS4 Open 10
16437 Franchise mode causes freezing. Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 6
15563 Franchise Crashes Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 6
15411 Ball Boy Holding onto ball which leads to inside the park home run...happens when ball skips the bag on 1st In Game PS4 Open 4
16439 Receiving losses after game freezes (maybe intentionally) online In Game PS4 Open 3
16123 Purchase of Kevin Slowey In Game PS4 Open 3
15381 Same problem yall fix last year In Game PS4 Open 2
16453 PS3 autosave franchise mode Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 2
16199 Can't Claim Yankees Collection Reward Frontend PS4 Open 2
15433 End of Game in RTTS freezes In Game PS4 Open 2
16461 Franchise Freezing In Game PS3 Open 2
16489 buying player off market Frontend PS4 Open 2
15735 Fielder won't move Frontend PS4 Open 2
16503 Game Freezing Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 2
14993 Runner stops halfway to 2nd when stealing In Game PS4 Open 2
15009 Easy play at home. Catcher lifts glove and runner gets in. Frontend PS4 Open 2
16037 I'm sick of the online issues with The Show Franchise Frontend PS4 Open 2
15527 Can't advance Online Franchise in first round of playoffs. In Game PS4 Open 2
16039 Login Failed Frontend PS3 Open 2
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