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ID Subject Bug Type Platform Status Votes Dev Comments
14210 PS4 - Blue Screen Error Code Online/Offline Gameplay PS4 Open 29 Baseball-sm
14270 PS4 & PS3 Diamond Dynasty games are going to the queue. Stats are recorded, but no budget is rewarded Frontend PS4 In Progress 28
14312 PS4 & PS3 Online Visual Issues During Gameplay Gameplay PS4 Open 27 Baseball-sm
14320 Game Freeze after balk call post patch 1.12 In Game PS4 Open 16 Baseball-sm
14310 PS4 & PS3 RTTS - Player will not move prior to a pitch In Game PS4 Open 14
14282 PS4 & PS3 Diamond Dynasty Extra Innings - Teams with Invaild Rosters Gameplay PS3 Open 13 Baseball-sm
14546 ShowNation Website: Unable to see which DD card received during recycling and purchasing of MLB packs Frontend Web In Progress 12 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
14202 PS4 & PS3 Online - Gameplay will hang during check swing appeals In Game PS4 In Progress 9
14600 Game 'auto simulates' to end of game while runner is on base In Game PS4 Open 5
14424 Game freezes on main account Freeze/Lock PS3 Open 5
14748 Diamond Dynasty games not being processed, i.e. no rewards being awarded Frontend PS4 Open 5 Baseball-smBaseball-sm
14308 Unable to individually steal 2nd with runners on 1st and 3rd In Game PS4 Open 5
14652 Check swings ruining online play Gameplay PS4 Open 4
14322 Double Switch not working properly In Game PS4 Open 4
14592 Base Running mechanics are awful Gameplay PS4 Open 3
14626 14270 Frontend PS3 Open 3 Baseball-sm
14676 Hitting wall Gameplay PS4 Open 3
14644 Match Play Rating of 1800, but "R" badge next to name in game rooms Frontend PS4 Open 2
14912 Batter walks, but then reappears at the plate for another AB Gameplay PS4 Open 2 Baseball-sm
14440 run not scoring Gameplay PS4 Open 2

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